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PepWave Balance 20X - CAT-7 Branch router (New Version)


As a member of the “X” series, the Balance 20X offers extreme performance and futureproof design at a practical price point. With 12 Gbps of throughput, the 20X can handle the bandwidth requirements of any enterprise branch network. The SDX also supports a FlexModule, enabling you to customize the router with your choice of ports, as well as instantly apply new technology as we release new modules.

399.00 399.0 USD 399.00 449.99

399.00 449.99

Not Available For Sale

  • 4G LTE Category
  • Plan Code (VZW Rep Verified)
  • Verizon BI Security (VBIZ) Account

This combination does not exist.

4G LTE Category: 6 (300x50 Mbps)

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