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PotsLinQ       POTS Line Solution

Web-based portal

For client visibility.

Experience uninterrupted service

Features dual-redundant connectivity with on-premises internet and a built-in LTE SG modem

Never lose connectivity

Comes equipped with a 27000 mAh battery for up to 48 hours of uninterrupted connectivity in the event of an outage.

Extra protection

Includes a NEMA insulated enclosure for environmental durability.

Local LAN failover

Features a local LAN failover with PotsLinQ as an internet failover solution.

Enhanced communication

Connect up to 8 analog ports with simultaneous call paths.

3 Options for Upgrading Your POTS Lines

Novatel T-2000

with a special rate plan of $20/month

V810 Axis POTS Replacement

with a Wireless Voice Plan of $30/month

POTS Replacement Box

with a qualifying Wireless Business Internet Plan

All PotsLinQ solutions require activation of a qualifying Business Internet Plan

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