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T-Mobile MultiLine with VoiceLinQ 

Your complete Business PBX solution

T-Mobile MultiLine and DTS Technology's VoiceLinQ are the perfect pair for effortlessly organizing and streamlining your communication operations. Elevate your business success with our inbound call recording, call queues, and more. Unleash the potential of your customer experience with VoiceLinQ and MultiLine!

T-Mobile MultiLine

Service provided through T-Mobile.

Separate Work and Personal Life

Keep your work and personal matters separate by providing employees with a dedicated business line on their phones.

Enhance Privacy and Professionalism

Ensure confidentiality and maintain a professional image by having a separate line exclusively for business communication.

Keep Business Communication Neatly Organized

Streamline your communication by neatly organizing all your business-related calls, voicemails, contacts, and more on a separate line.


Service provided through DTS Technology.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy a seamless integration between MultiLine and VoiceLinQ, allowing you to leverage advanced features without any hassle.

Professional Automatic Receptionist

Impress your callers with a professional automated receptionist who greets them and directs them to the appropriate department.

Call Queues

Minimize wait times and keep your calls organized by utilizing call queues, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both employees and customers.

Call Recording

Analyze important conversations and enhance training with inbound call recording.

New users can now sign up for only $10/month

All users added within the first 30 days after sign up are eligible for $10/month discount into perpetuity. After 30 days additional users can be added at $20/month. Offer only available for new MultiLine customers. Limited Time Offer subject to change.

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