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Get the ball rolling on setting up your new VoIP phone system in a few quick steps.

Learn how to get started by watching the video below...


  • FIRST NAME:  (Enter your company name with no spaces)
  • PHONE NUMBER: 951.848.4579
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: mybiz@dtstechnology.com

Click here to access step-by-step directions.

...or by downloading the PDF and following the directions.

Step 1:
Sign in using the link in the PDF below, or by clicking here.

Step 2:
Navigate to "Company Users" in the menu and select "Add New User".

Step 3:
Add a new user by selecting "Account Manager", and then entering the User Contact Information (provided to the left, or in the PDF download below). Under "Select access rights for the user", please select ProductServiceAdmin.

Step 4:
Share access by toggling on all permissions on the following two pages, and then clicking "Select All" under Billing Structure.

Unable to complete the directions above? 
No worries! Click continue to schedule with our specialist and they will help you on your onboarding call. However, please be aware that we cannot start setting up your phone system until this step is complete. If you want to kickstart the process so we can start immediately, please follow the directions above. Thank you!